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Top Gold Items
• American Gold Eagle's today are the number 1 selling gold coin in the USA. Each coin is 1 Ounce of Fine Gold and features St.Gaudens Liberty on the Obverse.
• Proof Gold Eagle: The Proof Gold Eagle is a widely popular collector coin series produced by the United States Mint. Struck in a durable composition of 22 karat gold. 1 Troy Ounce.
• Gold Buffalo: To meet the demand of investors who seek the purest investment gold possible, the US Mint has issued a 1-ounce .9999 fine (24 Karat) legal tender $50 American Buffalo gold bullion coin.
• Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are a great way to invest in gold, and many consider the Maple Leaf to be one of the world's most beautiful gold coins. .9999 Maples
• Austrian Philharmonic: The Austrian, or Vienna, Philharmonic is the best-selling gold coin in Europe.Struck in pure, 24-karat gold. The obverse of the coin depicts the great organ in Vienna's concert hall
• Krugerrand: the South African Krugerrand is the original one troy ounce gold bullion coin made by a government and valued on the content of its gold.
• 1 Oz Chinese Panda: Pandas are struck at the Shenzhen Guobao Mint in China and since 1982 has became one of the most successful and popular bullion coins ever sold.
• 1 oz Gold Bars are available from widely-traded hallmark brands, such as Credit Suisse, Perth Mint, Heraeus and Pamp Suisse.
• 10 oz Gold Bars: Offered at a lower premium over the spot price than gold bullion coins, gold bars provide investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to own this precious metal.
• 1 Kilo Gold Bars: Kilo gold bars (1,000 grams, 32.15 troy ounces) offer gold investors the lowest premiums of all the gold bars. Kilo gold bars are easy to store. 

Top Silver Products
  • American Silver Eagle's today are the number 1 selling Silver coin in the USA. Each coin is 1 Ounce of .999 Fine Silver and features the Walking LIbety on the Obverse and the Bald Eagle on the Reverse.
  • Proof Silver Eagles: The proof version of the American Silver Eagle is extremely popular with collectors and compliments this coins stunning design. Will take all dates.
  • Silver dollars with the Morgan and Peace designs are excellent alternatives to bullion coins. They contain 90% silver and also have numismatic premiums.
  • 1 Oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic is perhaps Europe’s best known silver bullion coin.Beautiful design and always in demand.
  • The 1 Oz Canadian Maple Leaf represents both an iconic design and near perfection in manufature. One of the Best bullion coins made. 
  • 90% Silver Bags: Another great alternative for the Silver investor, our 90% bags come in $1000 Face amounts. (715 Ozs.)
  • 100 oz Silver Bars: One-hundred-ounce silver bullion bars offer silver bullion investors a silver product with low markup over spot & a reasonably portable size. From reputable sources like Johnson Matthey or Engelhard
  • 1000 oz Silver Bars: One thousand ounce silver bullion bars offer silver bullion investors silver at the lowest markups over spot. Comex deliverable.
  • 1 Oz OPM Silver Bar: Recycled Silver Bars form Ohio Precious Metals (OPM). Each bar is 1 Ounce of .9995 Fine Silver manufactured in the USA, Sealed in a protective cover
  • 1 Oz Silver Rounds manufactured from several private mints. ALL Mint Fresh  .999 fine Silver
  • 10 Oz NTR Metals Bar: Each Brand New NTR Metals 10 oz Struck Silver Bar contains 10 Troy Ounces of 99.9% Pure Silver and comes Mint Fresh in plastic.

Foreign Gold Coins
  • Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin, which contains 37.5 grams (1.2057 oz) of gold in an alloy of 90% gold and 10% copper (21.6 karat).
  • BU Swiss Helvetia 20 Fr (.1867 BU): The 'Helvetia' is one of the most popular pre-1933 European gold coins, and traditionally trades at a very low premium over the gold price. .1867 Oz of Gold
  • BU Sovereigns (.2354 Oz.): British Sovereign gold bullion coins are nickel-size gold bullion coins that were struck worldwide at the height of the British Empire. .2354 troy ounce 
  • 20 Franc Roosters: Fractional European gold coins are very popular and affordable with the French 20 Franc Rooster one of the most sought after of all the Latin Monetary Union issues.

Platinum Coins and Bars
  • Canadian Maple (1.Oz.): The reverse displays the highly recognizable Canadian maple leaf, as well as the coin's weight and purity. A Beautiful Platinum Coin !

US Generic Gold MS62-MS66
  • Type 1 Gold Dollar: The Type 1 Gold dollar was produced from 1849 to 1854. Composed of 90% pure gold, it was the smallest denomination of gold currency ever produced
  • Type 2 Gold Dollar: In 1854 the US Mint issued the redesigned gold dollar with an increased diameter of 15 mm. The Type II Dollars are by far the rarest of the three types.
  • Type 3 Gold Dollar: The type 3 gold dollar is virtually the same design as the type 2. but the head of the Princess, portrayed on the type 3 is considerably larger
  • $2.50 Liberty Head: The Coronet design on the quarter eagle is unrivalled in the history of U.S. coinage as the longest uninterrupted use of a coin design without a major design alteration
  • $2.50 Indian Head: The Indian Head quarter eagle and its larger companion, the half eagle, stand out from all the rest of United States coinage because of their incuse designs and lettering
  • Three Dollar Gold: This unusual denomination was created by the Mint Act of February 21, 1853, which authorized a three-dollar gold coin..
  • $5.00 Liberty Head: The contemporary half eagle coin minted since 1839 and in use at the end of the war had been designed by Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht.
  • $5.00 Indian Head: Indian Head gold pieces are unlike any other coins produced before or since by Uncle Sam: Their designs and inscriptions are sunken below the surface
  • $10.00 Liberty Head: The $10 eagle issued since 1866 was a continuation of the original design by Christian Gobrecht which was also used on the Quarter eagle.
  • $10.00 Indian Head: The new gold coins of 1907 were the result of the unprecedented collaboration between a great sculptor, Augustus St. Gauadens and President, Theodore Roosevelt
  • $20.00 Liberty Head: Liberty Head Double Eagle Type III (1877 – 1907) The denomination was suspended by President Roosevelt, after more than 174 million pieces were minted.
  • $20 St Gaudens: The Saint-Gaudens double eagle (1907 – 1933), or $20 gold piece, stands above the other US Coin designs as the single most magnificent coin in U.S. history.