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Bedford Investment Partners entered the global Iron ore trading business in 2011, leveraging its logistics, freighting and risk management competencies of its trading desk, thereby synergizing its oil import abilities with Iron ore export prospects from India.  On the back of its strong presence in India and China, the company has successfully been able to make inroads into the Chinese market for Iron ore. 

Bedford Investment Partners is regarded as a highly dynamic and professional company growing in the US Iron ore business and enjoys long term business relations with the best names in the global ship owning and operating companies.


Middle distillate trading represents a central aspect of Bedford Investment Partners focus. Middle distillates comprise a range of products from the middle fraction of the crude oil barrel. These products include jet fuel for aviation use, kerosene for heating especially in Europe and the United States, and automotive diesel fuels for which are in demand locally. In recent years, the supply and demand pattern for all these products have been subject to significant change and specifications required by individual customers have become more exacting especially with regards to the recent requirements.


Stringent specification an source verification requirements for jet fuel means that a high degree of expertise in storing and shipping this product is needed to ensure full compliance.

We offer customers and suppliers state-of-the-art logistics:
  • Supply
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Risk Management

To effectively balance local surplus/deficits, Bedford applies a global approach and plays a role in the arbitrage of middle distillate between regions.

Quality criteria for diesel fuels are being increasingly driven by demand for environmentally friendly products.

Ultra low sulphur diesel with enhanced specifications is rapidly replacing lower quality fuels, particularly for automotive use in densely populated areas. This development reduces the flexibility of the refiner to optimize middle distillate production, thus creating imbalance in worldwide supply increasing the demand for inter regional trade.

This worldwide refinery capacity imbalance and diverse economic growth rates across the hemisphere have made global arbitrage a structural feature at the market.

Bedford has the expertise, geographical coverage and financial strength to meet the challenges referred to the above.

The team also possesses the specialist knowledge required to partake in more exacting specification transactions which are expected to characterize the markets of tomorrow.

Bedford offtakes crude oil from producers of all sizes for its current clientele and helps its clients manage its trading, storing, financing and supply to counterparties all over the world.

Our physical availability continues to expand and diversify.

Supporting these efforts are crude oil professionals in that we represent in our office with representatives around the globe.

Our clients have first-hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain fruitful and enduring relations with key market participants—producers, refiners, logistics companies and storage experts—and are actively involved in developing projects related to existing and new crude oil flows.

While crude oil exports will be of continued importance to Bedford focus; we are continuously exploring new opportunities throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. MARLIM, SAUDI LIGHT, SATURNO are currently needed.

Bedford' clients have access to more than a million barrels of storage capacity that is strategically located in the Europe, Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Asia—giving us flexibility and creating efficiencies.

Bedford’s approach further leverages our logistics and freight expertise, ensuring the highest level of transport efficiency as we rely on those in the business that transship daily for advice and tutelage. Combined with an insistence on high standards of resilience with regard to international shipments, we have established a track record for our clients and enduring partnerships on all levels, from local refiners and freight owners.



Natural gas plays a key role in the future energy mix of the world. Energy market liberalisation in Europe and the Americas increasingly opens existing pipeline networks and storage facilities to new players.

The emergence of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) spot trading further allows for price arbitrage across the continents. Access to pipeline capacity, storage and LNG facilities is therefore the backbone of many of Bedford Investment Partner's clients natural gas and LNG growth and diversification strategy.

Bedford Investment Partners is currently open to securing long-term contracts and partnerships for its clients. Looking for access to pipeline gas production, transportation and storage, as well as LNG supplies and LNG shipping and regasification infrastructure.